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Welcome to Spectrum connecting the community

The Spectrum Organisation is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services to support and engage the community. The organisation is committed to fostering inclusion and a sense of connection within the community.

Spectrum Community Centre

10 Leanne Crescent

Lawnton, QLD 4501

Ph: (07)38813310

E-mail: [email protected]

Spectrum’s person-centred supports will assist you to realise your goals for life and plan for the future. Spectrum is a community based service specialising in the provision of inclusive support services to people living with disability and mental illness.

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Spectrum provides a wide range of face to face and online learning options for people seeking quality and flexibility in training. We can help you to realise your goals for personal and professional development through a tailored learning program. For training within the disability, community service and mental health sectors, training within our operational community support service will further enhance your learning experience.

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Spectrum gym offers a friendly atmosphere, excellent facilities and professional staff to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The gym has a broad range of facilities to meet your needs including designated weights and cardio rooms, a group fitness studio, tennis courts, an obstacle course and specialist rehabilitation equipment. Whether you’re goal is to lose weight, recover from injury, improve your overall fitness or to prepare for a fitness challenge, Spectrum Gym is a great place to work out.

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At Spectrum we believe that all people can achieve amazing things with motivation and the right support.
We work hard, persevere and bring passion and enthusiasm to all that we do.

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